Nampa Optimist Football

We are all about FUN.

    At Nampa Optimist Football, we feel that fun is more important than winning. Teams are assigned by age, weight and school (or location). No tryouts, just be the right ages (7-12) and be willing to get some great exercise and you can play. Everyone who signs up for Nampa Optimist Football, is guaranteed to play during each half of each game. Everyone who signs up for Nampa Optimist Cheerleading cheers at every game.

  • Trained Coaches and Staff
  • Background Checks Done
  • Certified EMT's on site
  • Police presence

    In Nampa Optimist Football, all Head Coaches are certified as coaches. We have coaches clinics and the Middle and High school coaches help train our Nampa Optimist coaches. The coaches for the older programs see our program as pre-training for their programs. All Coaches, Cheer Advisers and Optimist Staff must also pass police background checks for the safety of the children.

    Our referees are top notch. They have been certified. The Nampa Optimist Football program pays our officials in order to attract the best. We have a Junior Referee program as well. If you are interested in getting paid to watch football games, this could be a dream come true. Contact us for more information.

Certified EMT's and Police presence (just in case)

EMT's just in case

    Football is a rough sport and Mom's worry about their kids. But, Mom can relax a little bit at the Nampa Optimist Park, because we have EMT's on site for every game. It is our sincere hope that we don't keep them busy, but having them close by, means we have immediate access to handle any medical problems quickly and professionally.

    Nampa Optimist Football also hires local Nampa Police to have a presence at our fields for crowd control. We have about 6000 people come through Nampa Optimist Park each game day Saturday. The safety of our kids, parents, spectators and our Nampa Optimist staff is important to the Nampa Optimist Football Program.