Respect for Law 2005 - ISP Timothy Horn

Idaho State Police

Letter of Nomination

for Trooper Timothy Horn

TO: Lt. Lee

FROM: Sergeant Chris Weadick

SUBJECT: Nampa Optimist Club Officer of the Year Award

DATE: April 22, 2005

    I would like to make a recommendation for Trooper Tim Horn to be considered for the Nampa Optimist Club Officer of the Year Award. During the work year of 2004 and 2005. Tim has made an outstanding contribution to the citizens of Idaho and the motoring public with his law enforcement activities. One of Tim's main areas of accomplishment was supporting the Combined Agency Methamphetamine Partnership (CAMP) signed by Governor Kempthorne. During his traffic stops he used the "Look, Listen, Think" principal, which yielded, many drug contacts. Tim had approximately 30 drug contacts during the year. Although all of them were not for methamphetamine, Tim was inquisitive during his traffic stops and constantly looked for criminal activity. Because of the high number of drug contacts, Tim also had approximately 30 contacts involving drug paraphernalia. This type of patrol directly supports the methamphetamine initiative signed by Governor Dirk Kempthorne.

    Being a resident trooper in Adams County, Tim is also supporting the second phase of CAMP. This phase partners law enforcement and education. CAMP2 calls for law enforcement to reach more deeply into schools, faith communities, and other cultures to spread preventaive information. In support of this, Tim is very active with the local community and schools. He has made a number of presentations to local schools dealing with the topic of methamphetamine. Because of his positive involvement he was invited to attend the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) conference in Washington D. C. Tim will accompany local students and teachers for the conference. Because of Tim's community involvement, he has set an impeccable example, which has reflected positively on the Idaho State Police.

    Being a resident trooper Tim needs little supervision. He has made a number of split decisions, which have had positive outcomes. In one instance Tim was dispatched by the Adams County Sheriffs Department to assist with a domestic violence call. Since he was the first unit to arrive, he got the female victim to safety and started to provide medical attention. After backup arrived, Tim and the deputy confronted the suspect who was in his home. Tim saw weapons in the house and started to move them out of sight. The suspect rushed Tim in a hallway and attempted to fight him. Because Tim is physically fit and mentally prepared for combat, he was able to side step and avoid the majority of the force. During the arrest Tim's rib was fractured but he continued to control the suspect until he was handcuffed. This example gives credence to the law enforcement motto, "Never Give Up!"

    Tim is very dependable and exhibits a high degree of quality with his work. With the amount of paperwork created from all of his arrests, I rarely need to have him make corrections. He has packaged numerous amounts of evidence during the year and does it correctly. Tim can be counted on to be called from his residence at anytime and never abuses his sick time. Being a resident trooper he spends time at home completing reports and I can count on him to be honest with his time keeping.

    Recently Tim encountered a unique situation while off duty. Tim and his daughter were traveling from Boise back to Council when they noticed a van on the shoulder of Interstate 84. Tim saw there was a person under the van and realized that the vehicle had fallen on top of him. Tim stopped and crossed the interstate to render assistance. He and his daughter contacted 911 and emergency services were sent to the scene. Tim climbed under the van and checked for vital signs, which revealed none. The body was cold to the touch and Tim did not immediately have a way to get the van off the person. When the fire department arrived the van was lifted with airbags and the person was removed. The person was later revived and to this day is talking and has regained most functions. Because Tim took the time to stop and render assistance he saved this persons life. There were many other vehicles that passed by the van but Tim was the first to stop and call 911. This example shows that Tim is willing to put forth the extra effort even when off duty. On December 6th, Tim received a "thank you" letter from Lt. Colonel Kevin Johnson, Idaho State Police, stating, "good job, and thanks for going beyond the call and taking the responsibility."

    Because of Tim's strong work ethic, he continues to set a positive example, which creates a positive image for law enforcement. Tim is very humble about his patrol activities and down plays his contributions by considering it "part of the job." Because of his contributions I would like to recommend Tim for the Nampa Optimist Club Officer of the Year Award.

Thanks for your consideration,

Sergeant Chris Weadick