Respect for Law 2004 - ISP Charles Ketchum

Idaho State Patrol

Letter of Nomination

for Trooper Charles (Sam) Ketchum

    Trooper Charles (Sam) Ketchum was hired by the Idaho State Police in the year 2000. He was initially assigned to Region 2 Patrol in Lewiston. In 2002, Trooper Ketchum and his family moved to Meridian where he now works out of Region 3 Patrol office. Trooper Ketchum is married to Debbie and has one daughter, Jordynne and one son, Zachary.

  • Since hiring on with the Idaho State Police, Trooper Ketchum has taken on extra responsibilities and specialties. He leads by example and is self-motivated.
  • Trooper Ketchum is a DRE and a DRE Instructor. He has utilized this training to teach fellow officers (City, County and State), students, school teachers/administrators, and business professionals the dangers of drug usage. He has also taught them the signs and symptoms of persons who may be under the influence of drugs. He is continually being asked by the ISP training division to assist in providing this training.
  • Trooper Ketchum has been trained in criminal interdiction, which includes identifying possible suspects who may be trafficking large amounts of drugs within Idaho on our roadways. When suspects are apprehended, Trooper Ketchum goes beyond the arrest phase of the stop. He talks to the suspects and tries to talk them into working with detectives to identify additional drug traffickers. This additional time spent with suspects has made cases throughout the northwest including Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.
  • Since joining the State Police, Trooper Ketchum has become one of the top DUI and drug related offenses arresting officers within the State Police.
  • Trooper Ketchum treats everyone he comes in contact with, with dignity and respect. He goes beyond the "normal" for a trooper. Trooper Ketchum stopped on a motorist assist just outside the city limits of Mountain Home on Interstate 84. The college female had run out of gas the night before on her way home and no one had stopped to help her. When Trooper Ketchum stopped, the girl was cold, hungry, and scared. He used his fuel transfer kit to get the car going again, and then followed her to Mountain Home. The girl was broke so Trooper Ketchum used some of his own money to give her additional fuel to make it home to Glenns Ferry. He also bought her coffee and breakfast and made sure she was ok to get the rest of the way home.
  • Trooper Ketchum has driven up on two separate fatality crashes while off duty. The latest was in the riggins area. Trooper Ketchum utilized his On-Star to notify emergency personnel. When the Idaho County Deputy arrived on-scene and found out Trooper Ketchum was an "off-duty" ISP Trooper, the deputy turned the crash investigation over to Trooper Ketchum and then went and handled traffic control. It took another ISP officer over one hour to arrive on-scene and take over the investigation from Trooper Ketchum. There was another injured party at the crash. Trooper Ketchum, his wife Debbie (who is the manager of the Family Maternity Center at St. Al's), and a vacationing paramedic from New York, all attended to the injured until EMS arrived. The off-duty medic could not locate his family. He finally made contact with them by cell phone and they were in Weiser. Trooper Ketchum told the medic to have his family go to a motel in the Boise area. Trooper Ketchum then transported the medic to Boise and connected him back with his family.
  • Trooper Ketchum has been active with the Idaho State Police Association in both Region's 2 and 3. He is currently the ISPA Chapter 3 President.
  • Trooper Ketchum is a Field Training Officer and has been instrumental in training new officers.
  • Trooper Ketchum is also a firearm instructor, which includes keeping all of Region 3, including headquarters personnel, current in their firearm certifications.

    I would like to thank the Nampa Optimists for recognizing officer's, in a public form like this, who go beyond the call of duty for their department and community.

                Sgt. Kevin White
                Idaho State Police
                Region 3, Boise