Respect for Law 2000 - NPD Leonard Claunts

Nampa Police Department

Letter of Nomination

for Patrolman Leonard Claunts

    I would like to nominate Officer Leonard Claunts for the "Optimist Officer Of The Year." During the past year Leonard has been involved in many projects in the patrol division and throughout the department. Officer Claunts is identified as a leader by his peers both on his patrol shift and in the tactical unit.

    Leonard was recently appointed as the assistant team leader of the tactical unit. This position is defined as the leader of an immediate action team that will be deployed in life and death situations that are encountered by the special weapons and tactics team. This will be an important part of the incident command system being adopted by NPD.

    Officer Claunts has been involved in training members of his patrol shift in tactical approaches as they apply to the day to day operations in the patrol division. This training enhances the safety of all the officers on the shift.

    Leonard is also one of the many officers that can be counted on to assist with special projects. He was able to assist with the current shift scheduling by completing several surveys of his peers the ideas from these surveys actually became policy.

        Thank you for your consideration to this matter.

        Lt. Wiley