Respect for Law 1999 - NPD Brent Boster

Nampa Police Department

Letter of Nomination
for Brent Boster

    I would like to nominate Corporal Brent Boster for the "Optimist Club 1999 Officer Of The Year Award." Cpl. Boster has been assigned to the "City County Narcotics Unit" for the past 4 years. During this assignment Brent worked as the assistant unit commander taking on the role as the supervisor in the absence of the lieutenant. Cpl. Boster demonstrated excellent supervisory skills in the difficult situation of supervising not only officers from the Nampa Police Department but officers from three other agencies.

    Soon after being assigned to CDNU Cpl. Boster took on an investigation into major drug traffickers operating in the Nampa area. Through Brent's investigative efforts suspects have been identified in Nevada, California, and Mexico. Last year as part of this investigation one suspect was arrested and sent to federal prison for a fixed term of 27 years. The investigation has continued and as of this date more than 20 conspirators have been identified. Don Van Cleave who supervises the state narcotics investigators and Dan Charbeneau Bureau Chief at the state lab have both recently contacted praising Cpl. Boster for both his investigative efforts and his excellent follow up with good reports.

    I feel that Brent should be recognized for his efforts as both an investigator and as a supervisor. The Nampa Police Department and the City Of Nampa should be proud to have officers like Brent Boster representing us.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

            Lt. Rick Wiley NPD