Respect for Law 1999 - NFD Local 804

Nampa Fire Department

Letter of Nomination
for Local 804

    Nampa Firefighter's Local 804, an affiliated organization of the International Association of Fire Fighter (IAFF) has been chosen by the Nampa Optimist Club to receive the Respect for Law Award for their efforts in constructin g Idaho's first fixed facility Fire Safe House.

    The Fire Safe House was built by members of Local 804 with materials purchased by the organization as well as materials and services donated by local businesses and individuals. The 1152 sq. foot home is located on the grounds of the Nampa Fire Department Training Center located at 300 West Railroad.

    The two bedroom, one bath house has all the amenities of a modern home, including a complete working kitchen, and fully furnished living quarters. This will allow local school or community groups to be taught fire safety lessons that can be easily taken home and applied to the child's own home. These include stop, drop and roll, kitchen safety, recognition of electrical hazards and housekeeping issues that will make a residence more fire safe.

    The Fire Safe House is also plumbed with a seperate ventilation system that will allow firefighters to introduce non-toxic smoke into the structure. Doing so will allow participants to face realistic smoke conditions in a safe, non-threatening environment. Children and adults alike will then be able to learn methods for staying low and exiting a building in realistic conditions.

    Nampa Firefighters Local 804 expect to begin offering classes to the public in the summer of 1999. Individuals or groups interested in participating in Fire Safety Training at the new Fire Safe House can contact the Nampa Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau.