Respect for Law 1999 - ISP. Pete Cowles

Pete Cowles

Idaho State Patrol

Letter of Nomination

for Pete Cowles

    I nominate Corporal Pete Cowles as the Optimist Club ISP Officer of the year. Pete is outgoing and always greets people. He was raised in Caldwell. It is amazing to see how many people in Canyon County and southwest Idaho know Pete. He teaches safety in the grade schools and speaks to driver's education classes. He is our best public speaker and is comfortable in front of crowds and television cameras.

    He is an expert accident Investigator. He also has empathy for the people involved. When Pete investigates a fatal accident, he contacts the families to offer his condolences and to answer questions. He attends the funerals. He is sensitive to the needs of others.

    Pete works as a partner with the prosecutor to charge people responsible for the death of others. He works on the case until he has all of the facts.

    We received a letter from a person who was involved in a serious injury accident. Pete investigated the accident. The person thanked Pete for his kindness. He was severely injured and trapped in his car. Pete arrived and told him he would be all right and patted his arm. The accident victim said that others were professional and also helped him but he felt that Pete was his friend and really cared about him. Pete really did care because that is how Pete is.

    Pete had to work Christmas Eve. He did not feel sorry for himself. He took teddy bears to the local hospitals and visited the children and their families who also did not get to spend Christmas Eve at home.

    Pete is a member of the Caldwell Optimist Club. Caldwell school children write letters to Santa. Pete and his fellow Optimist Club members answer the letters. He is an active fundraiser for Optimist Charities.

    Pete is a great ambassador for the state police. He is friendly to everyone and always takes time to say "Hi." Lincoln Elementary School had a Career Day. The students picked Pete as their favorite career person.

    Police around the country help sponsor Special Olympics. Pete participated in "Cops and Lobsters" at the local Red Lobster. Police officer's work as waiters and the "tips" go to Special Olympics.

    Pete is always willing to help charitable causes. He is always thinking of ways to keeping Idaho a great place to raise families.

            Sgt. Larry Winner
            Idaho State Police