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Idaho Press Tribune 18 Feb 2002 - Page 4a

Nampa Optimists help Santa Claus

NAMPA -- Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus -- and he answers letters.

During what has become an annual project, the Nampa Optimist Club helped Santa answer more than 40 hope-filled letters addressed to the North Pole this week.

The letters contained a range of requests: One asked for an adopted baby brother or sister because "not all kids have as much as I do," and another came from a mother explaining how good her son had been during the year, Optimist member Kenny Wroten said.

In their responses to letter-writers, Optimists usually reply that Santa knows they have been good, tell them the reindeer are doing well and thank them for writing. Personal notes are added to some responses -- and all the letters carry Santa’s signature.

"Many didn’t ask for much. They were grateful they had so much," Wroten said. "It’s a pretty simple project, but it’s one that’s a lot of fun."

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