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Idaho Press Tribune 27 Jul 2002

Thanks to all who make dreams true

Life is good, and you know it when:

Jim Barnes - IPT

A little one like Caldwell’s 10-year-old Makayla Carey reports an apartment fire -- an act that no doubt saved a number of lives. She deserves all of our thanks. So do her parents for raising such a responsible and alert child. She deserves an award.

Nampa’s Ryan Aldridge puts Idaho youth golf on the map by winning the Westfield Junior PGA Championship back in Ohio. Incredible feat by a young man who’s only played the game seriously for 4 years. Determination + hard work = success. Probably got that from his parents, too.

Nampa’s Ken Wilson and his minions make their dream of a substantial youth football program a reality. Nampa Youth Optimist Football becomes a big part of youth sports and recreation with the opening of those wonderful fields. Determination + hard work = success.

You can make a local mortician laugh with a quick (can’t believe I thought of it) barb. Was at a meeting and he rose and said to the folks at his table: "Sorry I have to leave, but I have a going-away party to go to." Couldn’t stop myself from asking if that’s what they call funerals these days.

Greg Bullock stays after his dream for a golf community. Was sorry to see county commissioners turn down his proposal. I think it could have lived side by side with the gun club. But then I’m a golfer and not a shooter, so I know I’m biased. If it doesn’t work there, Greg, hope you keep your eye on and heart in the prize.

Great guys like Bill Ilett keep pursuing their passion -- like bringing professional basketball back to the valley. Thanks, Bill, for including Canyon County in your dream again.

A proposal is made to move Idaho out of the wacky U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by creating a new one. Don’t know if a new district would be better, but I swear under God it couldn’t be any worse.

A new study shows that women’s brains are more wired for emotion than men’s, and that they remember more. Whew! And all this time I just thought I was stupid. But then we also learn that men need less conflict with their mates to have better sex lives, and women need more friendship. So you have to ask: How can we guys be better friends with you ladies if you can’t forget the conflicts? Sheesh.

Former New York Yankee Don Larsen sells his memorabilia from the only perfect game in World Series history to finance his grand children’s education.

Phil Donahue is back on TV, and I have a remote in my hand.

You laugh every time you see the AFLAC commercial with Yogi Berra.

You read that superb actresses Lily Tomlin and Mary Louise Parker are joining the cast of your favorite TV show, "The West Wing."

NFL training camps start up again meaning the season is on the way. And knowing your Kansas City Chiefs nightmare is poised to begin again. And that as soon as it is over you’ll be wishing for it yet again.

You remember metal ice trays with a lever and still consider yourself young.

You can end with something profound such as: A day without sunshine is like -- night.

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