Respect for Law 2000 - ISP Gene Wunsch

Idaho State Patrol

Letter of Nomination

for Gene Wunsch

I would like Gene to receive your organization's officer appreciation award
for the following reasons:

Gene has worked for the Idaho State Police for one year. During this time

Gene has excelled in all areas. In particular, Gene's customer service is
outstanding. He treats citizens with dignity and respect and is friendly and
outgoing. I have witnessed this when I have backed him up on enforcement
contacts. He has also been praised by citizens for his friendly demeanor.
Specifically, I received an e-mail from dispatch telling of a citizen that
had called in complimenting Gene on his friendly demeanor. Gene had at the
Kenny Rogers' restaurant and had taken time to talk to the caller's children
and give them ISP stickers.

Gene has continually demonstrated an impressive breadth of experience and
knowledge during this year. He has been a constant resource to his team. I,
as well as his team members, have asked Gene many questions on a wide range
of issues. For instance, I had a question about a domestic violence order
concerning a contact I was on. Gene explained the law pertinent to the
situation I was dealing with, giving me the information necessary to make a
decision. Another example was a time that Trooper Briggs had seized a large
amount of marijuana. Gene gave Trooper Briggs several suggestions for
follow-up that clearly demonstrated his outstanding knowledge in the area.
Another instance is when Gene made an arrest of a subject while doing a Terry
Frisk of the subject. Gene knew from his training and experience that the
item he felt in the subject's pocket was a marijuana pipe. He ended up
arresting the suspect on paraphernalia/drug charges.

Finally, the thing that is most impressive about Gene is the fact that he
combines all that I have already written with an energetic work ethic. Gene
led Region Three in impaired arrests during 1999. In addition, he had
eighteen felonies as well as 139 other moving citations. I realize that
numbers alone mean very little, but the numbers I have listed represent
quality work. Gene continues to exceed expectations even while keeping his
military obligations.(Gene is a Captain in the Army Reserve).

In conclusion, I highly recommend Trooper Wunsch for this award. He is an
example for other law enforcement personnel to follow.


Sincerely yours,

Sgt. Dean L. Matlock

Idaho State Police