Respect for Law 1999 - CC Mary McMillan

Mary McMillan

Canyon County Sheriff

Letter of Nomination

for Mary McMillan

Canyon County's Employee of the Year for 1998, selected by a vote of
sheriff's department employees, wasn't your typical uniformed officer with a
high profile emergency vehicle. In fact, it wasn't even a law enforcement
officer, but it was one of those employees that no emergency services agency
could live without.

While uniformed emergency services personnel are always being seen by the
public, they are also in constant communication with people who are almost
never seen by the public...the employees who take that initial 911 telephone
call and make split second decisions on pertinent information that has to be
passed on to units in the field.

Unless you've witnessed the activity happening in a dispatch center during
an emergency that requires a multi-agency response, you can't begin to
imagine or appreciate the level of training and self control required to get
the job done. The panic and dispair of the caller has to be reduced to
meaningful information, and instant decisions on jurisdiction and appropriate
agency responses must be made. The process can get very complicated, and
there is no time to spare and no room for error.

Canyon County Communications Shift Supervisor Mary McMillan handled more than
her share of panic calls in 1998. Perhaps the one that put her on top of the
list for Employee Of The Year was an emergency radio call from a seriously
injured officer with a punctured lung who ran out of breath before giving his
exact location. In spite of the emotional strain of the moment, Mary kept her

cool until further calls identified the location of the accident and
appropriate help could be dispatched to the scene.

Mary has 14 years of experience with the Canyon County E-911 Communications
Center dating back to 1980 (she had a couple of breaks in service to take
care of her family) and is an extremely valuable member of this department.
She is very deserving of the credit given her by her peers, and I am happy to
recommend her for the award your have suggested.

George Nourse

Canyon County Sheriff